His Majesty Academy

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About Us Facilities  

The school has comfortable classrooms, ultra-modern computer laboratory, well stocked library etc.

There are three houses in all and each student will be assigned to a house. All Students have the responsibility to uplift the image of their houses. Students are been grouped into three houses namely.
House 1 - Majesty
House 2 - Kings
House 3 - Queens

Science Laboratories
A total of three science laboratories have been constructed for the subject areas of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The laboratories are equipped with modern science equipment and has an office, storage room and a preparation area. Laboratory furniture for students include work benches with water and gas and water supply, work bench stools, dry wipe boards, notice boards and built in cabinets and shelves.

A total of twenty-four (24) classrooms built under the Senior High School project. The classrooms are equipped with a teachers desk and chair, students desks and chairs, dry wipe board, notice board, and built in cabinet and shelves. We have small class size, that is teacher /student ratio in a class is 1:6.

A library with a seating capacity of 40 students are equipped with the relevant textbooks, reference books, novels, journals, etc. The library has built-in cabinets and shelves, desks and chairs. 

Computer Laboratory
The computer laboratory has a seating capacity of 40 students at a time and are stocked with 40 flat screen computers with internet facility. 

Canteen / Kitchen
The canteen has a seating capacity of 50 students.
Furniture for the canteen include foldable dining tables and chairs and the
 kitchen are furnished with stools, built-in shelves, tables, large work tables, chairs and small ladders.

Administrative Offices
The school’s administrative offices include the proprietor, administrator, academic head, and a general office. These offices are furnished with office desks and chairs, computers, printers, lounge suites and built in office cabinets.

Learning Environment
His Majesty Academy has a total of twenty-four (24) classrooms, two (2) administrative offices, two libraries, two (2) canteen facilities and a computer laboratory for academic work at its remedial, SHS and Pre-University campuses. The school also has a school bus, a school band, and a stand-by generator which supports academic and administrative work. Management has constructed a science laboratory at the SHS campus to enhance practical teaching and learning of science programmes in the school.