His Majesty Academy

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Programmes Senior High  


Our curriculum is based on the Ghana Education Service principles and guidelines.
Currently the school offer courses in General Arts, Business and Science.

General Arts

Art 1
Literature –in-English

Arts 2
Elective Maths


Business Accounting Option
Financial Accounting
Business Management
Elective Maths / Costing

Secretarial Option
Clerical Office Duties.

Core Subjects 
o Core Maths
o English Language
o Integrated Science
o Social studies 
o Physical Education
o Music




Educational seminars, excursions, cultural visits are organized to places of interest around the country and beyond. There is also a wide range of sports activities for our students such as inter-departmental competitions with regards to soccer, volleyball, table tennis, basketball etc. In addition, there exist the following various clubs such as Readers and Writers club, drama and culture club, and the music club. These clubs operate under the supervision of appointed staff members.

1. Drama Club
2. Scripture Union (SU)
3. School Band
4. Read wide Club
5. School Cadet
6. Debaters and Writers club
7. Science & Maths Club

NB. Students participate in the Private Secondary Schools Sporting Competition every year.


The school has a very active Guidance and Counseling Department; this is to promote the welfare of students. Parents may also submit their wards for counseling and guidance. Motivational talks are carried out regularly on topics like time management, examination techniques, and academic performance, boy/girl relationships.

The School has decided to award the overall best student for each class at the end of the term’s exams. This is to motivate other students to learn hard.

In this regard, deserving students would be made to pay only 50% of their fees for that particular term.



Admissions for new students take place in September of each year. Any student whose work is consistently below standard may be asked to repeat or withdraw completely from the school.

- The Senior High School (SHS)

This centre enrols Junior High School Graduates.

 At, HIS MAJESTY ACADEMY hundreds of students gain admission into its various programs. This due to our outstanding performance and excellent results.
Completed application form
Photocopy of result slip / Terminal reports
2 passport-size photographs
Payment of admission fee in full (at designated bank)


Bills are issued to students on termly basis and are expected to be paid before/when the school term begins. 


Terminal Reports are prepared and given to parents/guardians at the end of every term to inform them of their ward’s performance in school. Parents are advised to study these reports and discuss them with their wards. They are also encouraged to come to the school for further discussion on their ward’s performance if they find it necessary.

A day is set aside for parents to visit the school to inspect their ward’s exercise books to see their strength and weaknesses. This exercise gives both parents and teachers the opportunity to address the students’ academic needs.

Most of the students of our Pioneer Class, who completed Senior High in 2011, have secured admissions to University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, KNUST, Central University, Valley View, etc.

We have also received e-mails from some students of the Pioneer Class who furthered their education in Overseas. 

Students who enter His Majesty Senior High School are prepared to sit for WASSCE at the end of their three-year period of study. In attempt to ensure academic excellence, class tests for all subjects are conducted every fortnight (i.e.At the middle and at the end of every month) coupled with daily assignments.
Promotions from one form to another is not automatic. Interview coupled with cumulative assessment records for the academic year is assessed by the academic Board.
The school will evaluate the performance of the students through class test, assignment, examination etc. This will help us to effectively assess a student’s competency and performance.

Each student should bring along the following:
·         Bible
·         Asempa Hymn Book
·         A pair of flat-heeled brown or black sandals (for school).
·         A pair of flat-heeled black shoes (for occasions).
·         A pair of white sneakers (canvas) for P.E.
·         A small towel for P.E.
·         Cooper earrings (for school)
·         1 white shirt (short sleeve)– Boys
·         1 khaki trouser (Brown) –Boys
·         2 blue checks -Girls

·         Blue black trousers        ( Boys – for church service)
·         1 white shirt (long sleeve)  Boys – for church service
·         Blue black flying tie        –  Boys  – for church service
·         White straight dress         -  Girls -   for church service
·         1 Chop box
·         1 Trunk or suit case ( Suitcase or Trunk should be secured with padlocks)
·         1 sleeping cloth
·         2 white bed sheets
·         1 blanket
·         Toiletries (mirror, comb, soaps, towels etc.)
·         1 set of cutlery set
·         2 deep plates & 2 cups
·         1 mosquito net
·         1 bucket and brooms
·         A set of handkerchief
·         Student mattress and a pillow.

Rules and Regulation

The school is a Christian institution and as such all students of the school are trained to be more dependent and responsible citizens. The school’s rules and regulations have this aim in view and are intended to encourage students to cultivate good habits and a sense of communal responsibility.
Any student who violates the Rules of the school will be severely dealt with by the school authorities.
1. (a) Students should note that all school functions are compulsory and obligatory for all students. E.g. Morning Assembly, Hymn Practices for the whole school, Sunday church service, community clean-up exercise, closing Assemblies etc.
All important announcements are made during these times. Students who absent themselves or come late shall be punished. Impromptu roll calls or selected forms may be conducted during this function.

1.      CLASSES
(a)    students are to attend classes punctually and regularly, no student should be found in the hostels or found loitering around the school during classes hours;
(b) students are to remain silent when a master is not in class;
(c) illegal organization of extra classes or private classes, which are not authorized by the school authorities, is prohibited. Violation of these regulations attracts the suspension of the master and the students involve.
(d) Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones, “Walkman’s” and disc-man’ in class or on the school compound during classes hours. If seen, item shall be seized and given back to the student at the end of the academic year.
(e) Any student who will be more than thirty minutes late to any class will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
2.      DRESSING
(a) Student must always wear the prescribed uniform to class. No Multi-coloured attire is permitted. Students should always tuck in their shirts. Sleeves less tops are not allowed.
(b) Every student is to dress decently and properly. Improper dressing is strictly not allowed.
(c) dresses and attires exposing parts of the body which are supposed to be covered are strictly not allowed.
(d) Boys should put on decent pairs of trousers and not jeans trousers.
(e) Girls are to put on decent long skirts with sleeves. Sleeves tops and T-shirts are not allowed.
(f ) Bathroom sandals or slippers as well as noise making shoes are not allowed.
(g) Caps, hats, scarves and dark glasses are not allowed in the school.
(h) Boys are not allowed to wear earrings and girls are not permitted to wear very long earrings or more than one pair of earrings at a time.
(i) Wearing of rings, chains, necklace, and bracelets by students is not permitted in the school. Punishment includes confiscation of dresses, footwear and articles.
(j) Students are not allowed to wear beards or grow sideburns or have any funny haircuts.
(k) Girls are not allowed to wear make-up such as lipstick to class; they are not permitted to put any colour on their faces.
I.  The school uniform must be worn on all occasions.
II. Should wear small ear-rings with mild colours; there shall be no daggling or board ear rings.
III.  Hair, it should be natural and reasonably and evenly low. No artificial treatment, nor hair slides should be worn.

Should not wear beards, whiskers, and moustache. Hair should be natural and evenly low, should have a hair-cuts normal in style.
Any student, suspected or caught stealing should be handed over to the school authorities for the necessary action to be taken. Any student who picks up anything or takes anything belonging to others without their permission will be treated as a thief. Any missing and found items and articles should be sent to the Chaplaincy and Counseling office to be given to their rightful owners. Under no circumstances should any student keep anything that does not belong to him or her. Such cases will be treated as theft.
Fighting anywhere in the school is a serious offence subject to severe punishment. Any student who instigates others to fight shall suffer the same punishment as those who were involved in the act. Any student who provokes others by insulting, teasing, mocking, scorning or backbiting shall be severely punished. All grievances should be directed to the office of the chaplain, headmaster or the administrative manager. Any student who beats up a person or encourages such beating shall be liable to dismissal.
(a) Any student who uses abusive words, insults, shouts, argues strongly, issues threats or fights a prefect in the discharge of his or her duties shall undergo two weeks of suspension.
(b) Any student who shows disrespect to any master, staff member or any person of authority in the school shall undergo a one month suspension.
(c) If an act of insubordination is committed by a group of students or a class, the entire group shall suffer punishment prescribed by the disciplinary committee.
(a) Any student who smokes anything or is found with any smoking material in the school or its immediate environment will be expelled from the school.
(b) Any student who drinks any alcoholic beverage in or around the school will be expelled from the school.
(c) Any student who engages in any form of gambling in or around the school will be expelled from the school.
(d) Any student who tries to entice or seduce or date other students or the opposite sex will be expelled from the school. Students are to do their best to stay away from any sort of sexual immorality or indecent behavior.
Good academic work requires quiet surroundings for necessary concentration. During class hours and study periods the silent atmosphere necessary or serious academic work shall be maintained by all students. There should therefore be no disturbance or noise of any form during class periods.

All examinations organized and conducted by the school are compulsory for all students. All students should take all papers in any examination conducted by the school and meant for their class. Failure to take a subject attracts punishment of one month suspension and failure to take an entire examination attracts outright dismissal. Students who continue to dodge examinations and class tests and do not submit class assignments shall be asked to withdraw from the school.
a)   Students are not permitted to chew gum, drink or eat anything in the classroom, library, science or computer laboratory.
b)   Students are advised not to stand or step on any table or chair in the school.
c)   No student is allowed to move any school furniture from its original position without permission.
d)   Students are not permitted to write or print on walls or furniture of the school.
e)   Generally, the staff common room, offices, and their precincts shall be out of bounds to all students except when they are on official duties.
f)   The canteen and snack square are out of bounds except break periods.
g)    Eating before or after break periods is prohibited.
h)   Students must spend their free periods in any empty classroom or in the library.
i)    The computer Laboratory is strictly out of bounds except for classes.
j)   Fighting or bullying, stealing, gambling or immoral conduct:  Any student caught involved in any of these will be expelled from the school.
k)   All students must report to school before 7:00 each day.
l)   Use of Exeat – No student should leave the school without exeat.
m)   Absence from School:  Any student who is absent from school without permission, must, on reporting back to school must submit a medical report (if due to sickness) or a letter from parent / Guardian indicating causes of his /her absence from school.
n)   Payment of fees:  All students must pay their fees promptly on or before re-opening of school.
o) Fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances. A term’s notice should be given to the school administration before students are withdrawn from school /hostel. Failure, a full term’s fees will be paid in lieu of notice.
NB: Notwithstanding the above guidelines, each case should be considered on its own merits.
Finally, every student is requested in their best interest to always consider seriously the main aims of coming to the school, namely to cultivate good manners and good behaviour, to work for the development of a healthy mind and body, to learn to distinguish between good and evil and work very hard to acquire the knowledge and skills which added to good behaviour, will make each student a happy, whole and contented person.
It is important to choose friends wisely, as bad friends have always caused ruin and permanent damage to the prospects of otherwise promising students.
His Majesty Senior High School offers students the opportunity for sound academic training as well as good moral and spiritual development.
Students in the Boys’ and Girls’ boarding house are to attend classes punctually and regularly. No student should be found in the hostel during classes hours.
Dormitory should be locked by 6:30am and the keys submitted by the house prefects to the housemaster / housemistress (caretakers). Under no circumstance should the doors be opened before 3pm. Any sick student should not sleep in the dormitory, but should report to the house master or house mistress for first aid and permission to stay out of class. If any student fails to do so, and is found in the dormitory during class hours he/she would be severely punished.
The school organizes morning devotion from 7:00am to 7:30am every morning and on Sundays church service from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. These are compulsory for all students in the hostel and optional to day students. Students must appear in the prescribed attire for church service and carry their school hymn books and Bibles. Students should attend these religious gatherings regularly and punctually.
Evening studies are compulsory for all students in the hostels. Day students can join by permission. All students are to be seated by 7:00pm in their classrooms. Lights and ceiling fans should be put off and hostels locked by 6:55pm and keys submitted to the housemistress or housemaster. There shall be intermittent roll calls during the period of prep by the headmaster or mistress.
Students should remain seated in their classrooms throughout the period. Evening studies are strictly private. Consultations and discussions, loitering or walking about would not be tolerated, for preps; students must always wear the prescribed uniform.
The attire for students is plain white shirt and a pair of khaki trousers for boys and a yellow check for girls. No multicoloured attire is permitted.

Electrical appliances are not to be used in the boarding house. Such appliances when used shall be confiscated.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the boarding house.
There shall be intensive house cleaning every Friday afternoon (e.g. scrubbing of the bathrooms, toilets and removing cobwebs). This shall be followed by an inspection by the house master.

Visitors are allowed on Saturdays between 12pm and 5pm. Every parent/guardian or visitor should see the housemaster/ housemistress before talking to the student he/she is visiting. Visitors coming in at any other period should see the housemaster/mistress for permission. Visitors and day students are not to be entertained in the boarding house. No visitor shall be allowed to sleep or bath in the boarding house. Any student who disobeys this rule shall be severely dealt with.
Any hostel student who wishes to go outside the school / hostel premises should take an exeat before doing so. Students who break bounds shall be severely – punished. Any student found in town during the day or night without an exeat could be expelled from the school.
All students in the hostels are encouraged to keep their beds neat and dress them every morning before leaving for their respective classrooms. All students in the hostel should help to keep the bathhouses and washrooms clean.
All students who visit the “gents” or “ladies” should make sure to deposit the waste paper into the waste bin and not on the floor.
No one is to squat or stand on the toilet seat. It is meant for sitting on.
Students must be present for all meals on time. No student is allowed to take food to the hostel. Every student must observe a high standard of etiquette and courtesy in the canteen. Prayers before or after meals must be reverently.