His Majesty Academy

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 Dear Sir,

I appreciate all the tutorship and knowledge I have received in His Majesty Senior High School. The teachers not only made me like any chosen course more but also became my friends. Thank you very much for being very approachable and supporting me in all my endeavours and undertaking, for your correction and guidance, for your understanding and tolerant nature toward my religious beliefs and so much more.

Ever since I began attending this institution I have made friends and lovely memories. It was a great relief and a breath of fresh air after being intimated and humiliated at my previous high school which I sincerely wish to forget ever attending. Feel honoured to have it written in my record of having attended His Majesty as the institution for my secondary level education.

I earnestly hope that the school’s standard and human relations will only continue to improve. I was treated with much care and respect even though I was only a student at your institution. Honestly feel reluctant to leave but in life even though our paths and lanes will separate the accumulated experiences, friendship, memories, care and love will not be erased.

I wish you and the school success in the future. With your permission I will continue to keep in touch and inform you of by God’s grace my future accomplishments.

It is written that a wise person is one who recognizes and appreciates fine things hence I consider myself wise, for His Majesty is a fine school which I do appreciate. His Majesty will always remain in my heart and prayers. For all this time I give you my heartfelt thanks.

Your grateful former student,


13TH December 2012.